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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What I Missed When I Gave Up my Apple Watch


There is no shortage of articles on the web, all talking about how the Apple watch is good, but it’s not quite there. I thought I would share with you what I missed most when I gave up my Apple Watch after wearing it for two weeks.

My wrists have been naked for years. I haven’t played with many smartwatches because most of them have been too big for my wrist.  I have spent time wearing the LG Watch Urbane running Android Wear 5.1, which finally made sense to me. The Apple Watch was the same when I put it on – I could see how it would save me from pulling out my smartphone as often as I do.

What time is it?

On my first day without using the Apple Watch, the reason I kept looking at my wrist wasn’t for notifications or to check my steps, but simply to check the time. To be honest I didn’t see that coming, but it makes total sense. The sad thing about this realization is that I could have a device with several years battery life if I went back to wearing an old school wrist watch… but what’s the fun in that?



Get off the damn chair!

The health features I found myself yearning for was the reminder to stand up and walk around after an hour of inactivity. If you’re a desk jockey like myself, it’s easy to an hour to go by and not even realize that you’ve been sedentary. The health features giving me an exercise, stand and step goal are fantastic! But, there are fitness trackers out there that do pretty much the same thing for a lot less money. Take the Xiaomi Mi Band as an example, it’s $13 and has 2 months of battery life.

Apple watch Siri


Siri… friend… where are you?

If you’ve embraced the Apple Watch, you’ve gotten close to Siri as she is the most powerful app available on your wrist. The thing you have to get over when talking to Siri is, well, talking to yourself. To talk to Siri you really have to commit. There is a significant pause, so don’t repeat yourself and be confident that she heard you. As a Android user, I’ve been training with Google Now, and on Windows Phone Cortana clearly has them both beat. So even if I leave iOS i’ll still be able to talk to myself, it’s just a little different doing it with the Apple Watch. Since it’s not available in Taiwan, as an early adopter there is always the joy of showing off a little bit.


Letting my inner creep come out

When I first read about lonely people sending each other their heart beats, I thought this was really creepy.  I had one friend to play with – Doug. When we first played around with this setting it was pretty strange. Then I embraced the the creep factor and lusted after finding new people to send my heart beat to. There is an uncomfortable closeness that you feel with someone when you feel their heart beat on your wrist. The thing about being a tech blogger is that the only other people you know who have them are your peers. Suddenly you’re asking Dana Wollman over at Engadget and Michael Fisher from PocketNow to send you their heartbeats. When I saw that Jaime from PocketNow had the Apple Watch on a recent trip to Beijing, I yearned for my Apple Watch so that I could put the eep in creep with Jaime. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that the Apple Watch unleashed my inner… freak? Regardless, when I took it off this was something that I missed.


Staying in touch

Of course there is a host of other things that were great, but I didn’t personally need/like. Email on my wrist. I’m not really a slave to this activity and find that if I check my email too much without taking action, then I miss responding to things. Plus I get a lot of press releases and spam, so I don’t really want to have these bothering me all the time. I might have liked having Facebook messaging on my wrist, but again, I try to only do that a few times a day. Facebook is a time sucker and I don’t want to be so easily drawn in. Plus, you can’t read your Facebook messages, you can only see who sent them. I’d want to read the message and then decide if I want to pull out my phone to answer.

The one thing, in terms of messaging, that I did get into a little bit was sending voice messages. Again, you just need to commit to talking to yourself and you can’t be someone who talks in two languages. This is annoying for a lot of people I know.


I know there are a lot of cool things about the Apple Watch. When I have time I want to make a series about cooking with the Apple Watch. This isn’t something that I’d be willing to pay $350 for… or the cheapest price on Amazon, which is currently at $535.


I do have to give it to Apple. I never thought that they’d cause me to crave an uncomfortable sharing of bodily functions. The eerie rhythmic tapping of someone else’s heartbeat on your wrist is simply scandalous. I’m not sure if Apple meant for this to be a front of innovation, but it is. Is it worth buying an Apple Watch for? I guess it depends… how committed are you to your inner creep?

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