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Positioned as an affordable LTE smartphone (it supports both 1800 and 2600MHz spectrum that are used in Malaysia), the new launched Nokia Lumia 625 is equipped with a 4.7-inch IPS display – the largest in the Lumia's family of Windows Phone 8 devices so far. However, its graphical resolution doesn't sound that impressive at 800×480 with pixel density of 201ppi.
That being said, the display does have the super sensitivity capability that enables users to operate the display even while wearing gloves and covered by Gorilla Glass 2. The Lumia 625 also comes with removable semi-transparent back cover in five different colors that consumers can choose fromonce the device is released in Klang Valley at the end of August and the rest of the country in early September.
The new Nokia Lumia 625 is powereed by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM 8930 chipset which features a 1.2GHz dual-core Krait CPU and Adreno 305 GPU in addition to 512MB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. There are still more to see right after the jump, so click on the Read More link below to take a further look at the new Nokia Lumia 625.

Nokia Lumia 625 -   Lumia 925 - Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 625 03 Nokia Lumia 625 05 Nokia Lumia 625 04 Nokia Lumia 625 13 Nokia Lumia 625 14 Nokia Lumia 625 15
Shown in the image above, you can also see that the Lumia 625 (left) back cover is also slightly more curvy than Lumia 925 (middle) and the 159 grams device is definitely thinner than Lumia 920 (right) at 9.15mm. The juice for this device is provided by a non-user removable 2000mAh battery and it also supports MicroSD card with capacity of up to 64GB.
While the device is also equipped with the new Lumia Amber software update as per Lumia 925 (andcoming soon to the rest of Lumia WP8 devices out there),  the Nokia Glance Screen feature is not available on Lumia 625. Since it is also doesn't come with a compass, the Lumia 625 doesn't support Nokia City Lens augmented reality app too and there are no NFC or wireless charging capabilities as well.
Nokia Lumia 625 06
Nokia Lumia 625 07 Nokia Lumia 625 08 Nokia Lumia 625 09 Nokia Lumia 625 10 Nokia Lumia 625 11 Nokia Lumia 625 12
Nevertheless, there are plenty of other Nokia Lumia signature apps that the device still supports such as HERE Maps, HERE Drive and Nokia Smart Camera. Before we forget, there are also a 5.0-megapixels camera with LED flash on Lumia 625's rear together with an additional VGA camera on the front.
As mentioned earlier, the new Nokia Lumia 625 will be available in Malaysia starting from next week onwards with a price tag of RM 939. For further details, head on to www.nokia.com.
Nokia Lumia 625 21


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