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2015年8月28日 星期五

Udemy: Exclusive 60% Off Coupon for ANY COURSES

Udemy has a simple plan: Create an online education portal that gives people the classes they want for the subjects they feel invested in, one at a time. And what’s even cooler is Udemy is giving Gadget Review readers 60% off when they use the coupon code GADGETS60 at checkout. Note, the End Date is Monday Aug 31stnoon PST so don’t wait!

If Udemy sounds a little MOOCish to you, you’re right: But while MOOCs tend to concentrate on simple, free courses for everyone, Udemy is a more in-depth marketplace with expert courses on a variety of web development tools – along with much more. And has this portal ever grown: It currently has more than 4 million students, around 18,000 courses, and 10,000 expert instructors, with more being added all the time.

In practice, Udemy works a bit like an app store, but offers courses instead of apps. Head over to the Development section, and you can peruse several helpful categories. Thankfully, Udemy organizes its lessons and courses by intuitive sections.

If you want to focus on learning your web developer skills and build a foundation-up skillset, there’s a section for that. If you’ve got experience in development but want to master a particular skill, language, or field of practice, there’s a heading for that too. Each course card provides basic info on the teacher, the average rating by other students (high scores given preference).

There are also a helpful number of specializations if you, your employees, or your students want specific solutions. Narrow it down to e-commerce development, game development, mobile apps, and much more based on your goals.


Udemy and Value for Money

We talked about Udemy being a great place to find online lessons at a variety of pricing models, but what do those prices look like? For web development courses, the average price for a full course is around $150 to $200. For a single class on a particular subject, prices range anywhere from $30 to $100.

Udemy also offers a section of free, more MOOC-like courses that you don’t need to pay for at all. These tend to be beginner’s courses to a variety of development, and they’re a great place to start if you don’t really have any experience.

Pick a Course: 60% Discount for Gadget Review Readers! Enter code GADGETS60 at checkout! Expires Monday Aug 31stnoon PST!

If ANY of the Udemy courses catch your eye, we’ve got some good news for you: Gadget Review readers still get access to an exclusive 60% coupon to use on a course of their choice. It’s time to hop on and get looking!

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