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2016年7月4日 星期一

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protector Shows USB Type-C Port


Rumors and leaks of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 are coming fast and furious as of late. Case makers have already begun posting their cases and other accessories for the upcoming device, even though Samsung hasn’t even announced the date for the Galaxy Note 7 launch. We’ve already seen a few cases showing the new device, which appears to sport a slightly refined design over the previous Galaxy Note 5. Now there’s a screen protector from Olixar, listed on Mobile Fun, that shows off a USB Type-C port on the bottom of the device. Fueling the rumors that Samsung may indeed be going with a USB Type-C connector on the new device, after sticking with micro USB for the Galaxy S7 earlier this year.

The switch to USB Type-C would be a pretty big deal for Samsung and its users. For one, it means that you’ll need to buy new cables – something that owners of the OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, HTC 10 and LG G5 have already had to deal with. Additionally it means that we’ll be getting a new Gear VR headset. Since the current model only works with a micro USB adapter. Hopefully, this means that new Gear VR will be upgraded as well. USB Type-C offers plenty of advantages over micro USB, like the ability to plug your cable in upside down or right side up, it doesn’t make a difference, since it is truly reversible. But it also means that you’ll get faster data transfer speeds. Something that everyone can get excited about.

When it comes to the Galaxy Note 7, there’s plenty of rumors already out there about the specs of the device. Including the fact that it’ll be a 5.8-inch curved display – similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge, but slightly larger. Of course, that display will be of the Super AMOLED variety with a QHD resolution. It’s also expected to sport a slightly upgraded Snapdragon 820 (either the Snapdragon 821 or 823 processor, both of which have not been announced yet) along with 6GB of RAM and possibly 64GB of storage. Making for a very exciting device, and it looks like it’ll be coming as soon as next month.

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